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Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

A step ahead of a typical drill is a cordless hammer drill. Technically, a hammer drill is a conventional drill also known as rotating drill but with a hammering stroke and action. The hammering strokes help in rapid drilling without much effort and are capable of quickly pulverizing the hard material.These are basically the lower […]

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Best Cordless Drill for the Money

You don’t really want to search for a plug point station all the time – especially if you are going to use a cordless drill.A cordless drill solves the problem. Just recharge the drill, and use it anyplace, anywhere, without having to worry about a charging point. Users usually have a spare one in hand, […]

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Best 18v Cordless Drill Reviews

A cordless drill is a ‘must-have’ tool for all DIY’ers as well as professionals. Technically, an electric drill which is capable of drilling using rechargeable batteries is known as a Cordless drill.It is one of the most important and as a result one of the most popular tool for many out there. Being portable and […]

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Cost vs Value Report and Why You Can Beat It

As you may have been aware, I conducted an expert roundup a couple of weeks ago where I asked 45 experts what they felt were the best home improvements to increase the value of your home. Even though the roundup was a great success and produced a number of very useful insights, a number of […]

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How to Become an Interior Designer

So you want to learn how to become an interior designer? This useful guide will not only explain what interior design is, but will also give you a sense of what to expect in terms of salary, and how to become an interior designer should you decide to pursue this career path. Why am I […]

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Painting Wooden Furniture: A “How-To” Guide

Being the furniture lovers that we are, and having struggled with painting our wooden furniture ourselves in the past, we have decided to put together the ultimate how-to guide on painting wooden furniture. The process below is what ultimately gave us the best results. Interested in restoring that old piece of wooden furniture that holds […]

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