About Us

At Kayu Connection, our mission is simple:

To provide high quality and customized wooden furniture to our customers globally, while supporting small business owners in Indonesia in a sustainable manner

The Dream

We are Tim and Diana, the founders of the Kayu Connection. We are a couple with a strong link to Indonesia, and have always had a passion for high quality furniture made from oriental wood types, particularly from Indonesia. In our opinion, the elegance, quality, and beauty of Indonesian furniture is simply unmatched around the world, and it is something to be cherished and is guaranteed to bring the character of your home or office to a whole new level.

Our dream has always been to pursue a business where we could use our strong interest and admiration for Indonesian furniture while at the same time supporting Indonesia, the country we have such a strong connection with.

As such, Kayu Connection was born – “Kayu” means wood in Indonesian, the “Connection” stands for the connection that is made with the small and local communities in Indonesia through our platform. That’s exactly how we see our business and we hope that this passion shines through.

What Do We Offer?

We are not only able to provide a standard offering of wooden furniture from Indonesia, but are also able to produce bespoke and customized furniture solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers while making them available globally and delivering them directly to your doorstep.

We are able to achieve this through our tightly knit network of small scale furniture manufacturers located throughout Indonesia – all of which are thoroughly screened beforehand to ensure that they adhere to the highest quality standards. Our close relationships and collaboration with these suppliers ensure that you will always be informed of status and progress of your order, and that the delivery will be made safe in a timely fashion.

It is interesting to note that numerous of these small business owners even make their furniture entirely by hand, completely free of any mechanical machinery, as they have done for many generations. It’s a great tradition that we hope to keep alive for many more generations to come.

Why Does it Work?

The Kayu Connection not only allows you, the customer, to purchase a completely unique and high quality piece of Indonesian furniture directly from these small scale suppliers, it also gives you the opportunity to support the local Indonesian communities that depend on these businesses. These small business owners are also happy, because they now have access to an entirely new market that was previously out of reach, while increasing their profits by cutting out large retailers who generally drive a pretty tough bargain, and to whom they typically supply.

More About Us

Diana, originally born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but having studied and worked in a number of different locations in US for nearly a decade, always knew that she would eventually move back to Indonesia. This is where her roots and family are, and she had always felt a strong urge to return some day. The Kayu Connection gave her the perfect opportunity to do this, as it would not only allow her to move back to Indonesia, but also give something back to her country of birth in a field that she is passionate about.

Tim, originally from the Netherlands, but having lived in South East Asia for a number of years as a teenager, quickly grew a strong connection with the region and always opted to return some day as well if the right opportunity arose. After meeting Diana, while working at a corporate role in the US, Tim moved back to Asia alongside Diana to pursue the dream of setting up our own organization.

The Blog

At our blog you will not only find us giving insights on Indonesian furniture, but you will also find us covering our other two passions – real estate and interior design. We are particularly interested in the grey areas where these topics overlap. Simple changes in interior design can have a tremendous positive influence on your home, not only for yourself, but also for its financial value.

This is not just because you are improving the quality of the property, but also because the right changes bring out the “emotional pull” in buyers. It’s this dynamic that we are most intrigued by.