Best Cordless Power Tool Combo Set Reviews

Finding reliable, skilled workmen can often prove to be difficult when you are looking to get some home improvement done - more so, if the job is a small one. And when you do find them, it weighs rather heavily on your pocket.

One solution to your home improvement needs is finding the best cordless power tool combo set. Easy to maneuver, lightweight, high performance – these devices ensure professional quality of work without inconvenience or a hefty price tag.

What To Look For In a Good Power Tool Combo Set?

Understanding your requirements is essential before buying a cordless tool set. It may not serve you well to buy an expensive, high-voltage device if you only intend to hang up a few shelves or do an occasional job.

Over the years, tool manufacturers, keeping in mind the needs of construction enthusiasts and serious DIYers, have come up with a whole range of light-weight yet high-performance tool sets that come with the additional feature of being cordless, which makes them super handy.

Here are some things to keep in mind while trying to select the best cordless tool set for you:

  • Look for Lithium Ion Batteries: Li-ion batteries are quickly replacing Nickel-Cadmium variants, as they make the cordless tools much lighter and easier to handle. Li-ion batteries also charge faster, hold the charge longer and run at their optimum power for longer. These batteries are suitable for day-to-day construction needs around your house. Make sure to charge them regularly (even if not being used) and store at recommended temperatures (40-85 degree Fahrenheit) to get the most out of your batteries.
  • Voltage Range As Per Your Needs: Experts suggest that a good 18-V tool will sort out your construction needs around the house. They deploy enough power to allow you to work with boards as thick as 2” to 2.5” inches, be it driving nails, jigsawing or hammering. 18-V variants are available for all major tools including circular saws, cordless drills, and biscuit joiners. With the exception of the circular saw, these tools are also available in smaller, 12-V versions, which work just as efficiently, and it may be smarter to get them to do smaller jobs like driving screws or cutting up smaller boards. It would also help to look for amperage hours (amp-hour or Ah) rating before buying a battery. A higher Ah value translates as more battery use before the next charge.
  • Purchase Bare Tools To Save More: If you plan on expanding your tool collection to meet construction needs around the house, it would be wise to invest in bare tools. This means that once you buy a tool set with batteries, subsequently buy tools that those batteries would be compatible with. This way, you pay less for quality tools and do not have to lug around extra batteries or chargers. It is advisable to buy tools from the same brand in such a case.
  • Additional Features Add Value: Cordless tools are powerful in themselves, but some additional features definitely enhance user experience.
  • Look for ‘smart’ chargers that charge batteries much faster than their conventional counterparts do. Some are also capable of charging multiple batteries simultaneously. Energy Star rated chargers are additionally eco-friendly and make for a smart choice.
  • A battery charge indicator is useful if you do not want to be caught off-guard as your tool suddenly powers out (which is a characteristic of Li-ion batteries; they do not fizzle out but stop abruptly when the battery is maxed out). They also help to keep your Li-ion battery healthy by alerting you to charge it before it is completely out of power.
  • Be aware that generally you will not find larger power tools in these sets, such as bench-top drill presses.
  • A built-in LED light offers ease of access in dimly-lit or dark areas with minimum hassle.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Cordless Power Tool Combo Sets

The market has a good many options when it comes to cordless tool sets. However, you must be wary of who you trust. Brand-name products are a safe bet as they have credibility and reliable user-reviews. They also offer warranty, replacement options and safety assurance. When it comes to construction tools, it is advisable to choose products that come with the aforementioned features.

The cordless tool range is available across all major brands that ensure the quality of product and high performance. Enlisted are some of our favorites:

1. Black+Decker BDCD2204KIT 20V MAX Lithium-ion 4-Tool Combo Kit

A well-equipped kit for all your DIY needs comes with a 20V MAX Drill/Driver with 310 in-lbs torque ideal for smaller drilling jobs to be done at home. The circular saw with a high torque motor and 5 ½ inch blade is a compact yet powerful tool that cuts easily through light materials.

The efficient reciprocating saw with 7/8” stroke ad 3000 SPM cuts easily through light materials and is designed to allow easier blade change. A flashlight with 70 lumens of light output and 11 hours runtime completes the kit.

All of these tools come encased in an easy-to-carry soft bag. The compact tools allow for work in tiny spaces, with precision. The rubber finishes around the grips of tools provide easier and comfortable handling.

Weighing at 16 pounds, the kit is easy to store and a breeze to take along. It also comes with the trusted name of Black+Decker and a two-year warranty

Things We Liked

  • LED work light provided.
  • 2-speed gearbox, allows for speed adjustment, providing versatility.
  • Batteries included (2)
  • Lightweight battery; holds a charge for up to 18 months.
  • Circular saw comes with bevel adjustment.
  • Tool-free blade changes available for reciprocating saw.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tool kit does not include impact driver.
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty use.
  • Low-intensity flashlight (70 lumens)

2. DEWALT DCK592L2 20V MAX Premium 5-Tool Combo Kit

This essentials kit from Dewalt contains 5 high-performance tools designed to provide quality output for your next DIY project. First is the DCD985 20V MAX* hammer drill, enhanced with a patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission, and ½, all metal ratcheting chuck can be used to drill through just about anything, even concrete!

The impact driver is a compact yet powerful tool, ideal to drive bolts, screws and drill holes. It also has 3 LED lights that provide optimum visibility in poorly-lit spaces. The reciprocating saw comes with a keyless blade clamp that allows for quick blade change without direct contact with the blade.​

The circular saw comes with a 6-1/2" carbide blade that can cut sharply through several lineal feet of moderately thick material. Lastly, the work light has 110 lumens of light intensity, perfect for working in dimly-lit conditions.

Weighed at a slightly heavier 29.9 lbs, the kit comes inclusive of batteries, 360-degree side handle, belt hook and a carry case that make for an easy-to-access, hassle-free experience. The company offers a 3-year limited warranty, one year of free service and 90-day money back guarantee.

Things We Liked

  • Reciprocating saw comes with a key-less blade to allow for blade change without direct contact.
  • LED lights provided
  • Impact driver provided
  • Energy Star-qualified charger
  • No memory and almost no self-discharging
  • Comes with additional side handle, belt hook.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Possible user dissatisfaction with the battery life
  • Fatigue after long-term use.

3. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE + Lithium-ion 4-Tool Super Combo Kit P883

This 18.2 lb, the lightweight kit comprises of four essential tools to make construction at home efficient and of high quality. A ½ inch single-sleeve drill with 24 position clutch that caters to all drilling and driving jobs around the house while the reciprocating saw with a 5 ½ inch blade that works great when working with large materials.

A circular saw comes with a carbide-tipped, 5 ½ inch blade for and cuts smoothly through 2” boards. The included work light is fitted with a movable head for optimum visibility, wherever you may need.

Lightweight tools combined with an ergonomic design allow for a variety of projects to be undertaken without bogging you down. The kit comes with a 3-year warranty and 90-day exchange policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Things We Liked

  • Two Batteries included, so you do not have to buy them separately.
  • Comes with a storage/carry case which makes transportation easy.
  • Reciprocating saw comes with blade clamp for safe and easy blade changes.
  • Efficient battery with 20% more run time.
  • Charger with patented intelligent technology; increases battery life ad helps conserve energy

Things We Didn't Like

  • Possible user dissatisfaction with the battery life
  • Fatigue after long-term use.
  • Quality of LED is unsatisfactory

4. Makita XT601 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 6-Piece

This 6-piece set will surely appeal to construction enthusiasts who want to step up their game. The kit comes with six powerful tools suited for driving, drilling, sawing and other basic construction jobs. The kit includes:

  •  A 1/2" hammer driver-drill with a maximum torque of 480 in-lbs
  • A robust impact driver weighing a mere 3.3 pounds, a 6 ½” circular saw that will give you precise, sharp cuts even through thick surfaces.
  • A reciprocating saw with 0-2900 SPM
  • A 4 ½” angle grinder equipped with 10,000 RPM) and a working flashlight with Xenon bulb.

The set is powered by sturdy 18V Li-ion batteries with fast charge time. This kit becomes even more desirable owing to the Makita Star Protection Computer Control. This technology allows the tool and battery, equipped with it to communicate in real time and keep a track of performance during use. This is especially helpful in preventing overheating or overloading.

Though the kit weighs around 41 pounds, the weight is justified by the powerful tools packed inside. This all-in-one Kit by Makita comes with a 3-year warranty.

Things We Liked

  • Tool bag with wheels allows ease of transportation
  • Makita Star Protection Computer Controls
  • Batteries maintain good charge with minimal charge time
  • Efficient drills with high torque

Things We Didn't Like

  • Sensitive trigger on the reciprocating saw makes operation at slower speeds difficultfaction with the battery life
  • Xenon bulb not as bright as LEDs.
  • Suitable for light-moderate work; not heavy-duty work.

5. Porter-Cable PCCK614L4 20V Max Lithium-Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit

The Porter-Cable Kit with 4 essential tools comes as a handy set for DIYers. This kit is equipped with tools to perform all basic construction jobs like drilling, hammering, cutting and demolition with ease and precision.

  • 1/2" Drill/Driver with a two-speed gear box; allows for variable speed suited to job at hand
  • Circular saw that comes equipped with a 6 ½ inch carbide tooth blade and a powerful 3700 RPM motor, powerful enough to rip through 2” boards
  • A reciprocating saw that comes with an efficient drivetrain of 3000 SPM and tool free blade release for easy blade change
  • A working flashlight with a light output of 120 lumens that comes handy in poorly-lit areas.

All these implements are powered by a 20v Max Lithium battery that is quick to charge and is energy-efficient. The kit is lightweight, around 18.7 pounds and comes with a carry case. The products have a 3-year warranty period.

Things We Liked

  • The compact design of the drill makes it ideal for home use.
  • Speed trigger on the reciprocating saw allows variable speeds suitable for varied jobs.
  • Reciprocating saw comes with tool free blade change to ensure user safety.
  • Pivoting head of the flashlight allows for visibility in tight spaces.

Things We Didn't Like

  • No battery indicator.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Installing the blade on the circular saw can prove to be quiet


After a thorough analysis of the features and specifications of some of the best cordless tool sets range, the competition was neck to neck between the Black Decker BDCD2204KIT 20V MAX Lithium-ion 4-Tool Combo Kit and the Porter-Cable PCCK614L4 20V Max Lithium-Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit.


Both lightweight kits come equipped with all tools essential for home-use and light construction jobs. However, the Black+Decker beats Porter-Cable regarding price.


Porter-Cable provides all its products with an increased range. The circular saw has a 6 ½ inch blade as compared to the former’s 5 ½ inches and the flashlight with the Porter-Cable is also better (120 lumens as compared to 70 lumens with Black+Decker).


Porter-Cable also provides a three-year warranty over Black+Decker’s 2-year warranty.

In a close competition, Porter Cable is the clear winner.

If you’re going to operate these tools sets though, it is a good idea to know about your skill level. Invest in lightweight, easy-to-deploy sets can help if you are a DIYer or do not intend to overhaul your house yourself.

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