Best Cordless Impact Driver Reviews

When you are an ardent DIYer or professional contractor, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your workshop. You can build sheds, patios, roofs and anything else that your imagination allows.

However, you need efficient and reliable tools to assist your endeavour. Tools that deliver high performance and are time and energy efficient make for wonderful construction pals.

One tool that can boast of all these capabilities is an impact driver. It is basically a screwdriver empowered by the torque of a drill to drive home all sorts of screws in no time.

If that wasn’t enough to make it to your ‘must-have’ list, the best cordless impact driver provides you the maneuverability to work at whatever angle you may require. With a cordless impact driver in your tool kit, you will never have to think twice before undertaking a project.

What To Look For?

An impact driver is an essential tool in your tool kit mainly for it s versatility. It functions wonderfully as a powerful screwdriver but has more to it than just that. The incredible amount of torque that this power tool delivers also enables a ‘hammer’ action when more vigour is required to break in a hole or drive a screw. The best part is that it does so automatically, recognizing an increased requirement of force.

An impact driver delivers enough power for you to work with a range of tough materials like hardwood, metals and thick plastic. So, when buying a product that has everything you need by default, what should you consider when buying one?

Following are the features you should look for when buying a cordless impact driver:

  • Torque: Since impact drivers are employed for jobs that often require heavy-duty force to be delivered. It is essential that you choose a model that delivers the highest torque while being energy efficient and not compromising on output when used for long.Impact drivers are available in 12V and 18V versions, with the 18V obviously delivering more power. Your choice in this matter should be driven by the nature of work that you undertake. Repair jobs can easily be handled by a 12V driver, while bigger home improvement projects require an 18V version. For all tasks of a higher power-demand need a higher voltage driver.
  • Weight: Since impact drives are cordless, it is essential to mind their weight. This is because they are hand-held at all times are bound to cause fatigue sooner if they are heavy. Manufacturers keep this mind and impact drivers are designed for compactness.Nevertheless you should try the device first hand to ensure that you will be comfortable working with its weight for long durations and various angles.
  • Comfort: Construction jobs may require you to work for long durations, so comfort in handling is another consideration you should keep in mind other than the weight of the product.A rubber coating around the grip of the impact driver ensures a firm and comfortable grip, which is essential when working for long. It also provides a suitable surface to prevent sweat from causing slippage.
  • Reverse Switch: A reverse switch is an essential feature of an impact driver that reverses the direction of rotation of the drill. This helps to free the drill when it gets jammed in a material and also allows the driver to remove screws.
  • Hex Bits: What many consider as a limitation of the impact driver is that its chuck only allows for hex bits. However, it does impede the driver’s performance in any way. In fact, hex bits are readily available for affordable prices.
  • Battery: Cordless tools work on battery and are often criticized for their short performance period and frequent charging requirement. However, tool manufacturers have come a long way with the Li-ion batteries that provide longer optimum performance and shorter charging time. They are lightweight which helps to keep the overall device wieldy. It is wise to look for Li-ion equipped tools over others. An Energy Star rating is another indicator of the energy-efficiency of a tool and should be considered.
  • Additional Features: Impact drivers often have a built-in LED light to illuminate the work area. This comes in handy when working in dimly lit spaces and is a useful additional feature.An impact driver that transfers torque of the motor to and from the chuck offers great shock resistance.One-hand drive is also an available variant in impact driver models. Choosing this depends completely on your comfort with it.

Top 5 Picks:

Cordless impact driver is a tool easily available across all major power tool manufactures. However, it is essential to sieve through the variety to pick out the best in business that offer great value for money.Here are 5 top-of-the-line cordless impact drivers by some of the most reputed names in the industry, to ensure quality and credibility:

1. Porter-Cable PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver

Porter-Cable is a very promising brand in the power tool industry and the PCCK640LB is a fine example of why. It is a powerful 20V cordless impact driver with an efficient 1450 lbs of torque. The motor rotates at 0-2900 RPM and delivers enough power to enable the driver to work with hard materials and fasten screws efficiently. It is powered by two 20V max Li-ion batteries that charge faster and last longer to increase the efficiency of the machine.

The chuck works with a ¼ inch hex and is designed to allow you to insert the bit with one hand, which reduces effort and saves time. The speed transmission can be varied to suit the job at hand.

It is very lightweight at only 3.2 pounds and its ergonomic design and compact size make it a delight to work with for longer durations. The compact size allows easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces. The grip is designed to prevent slips and rubber bumpers on both sides saves the machine from wear.

Porter –Cable offers 3-year limited warranty along with 1 year of free service and 90- days money back guarantee.

Things We Liked

  • Includes a built-in LED light to increase visibility in poorly lit spaces.
  • Has a battery fuel indicator to denote the charge remaining.
  • Built-in belt hook makes it easy to reach and handle.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Battery consumes charge fast.

2. Makita XDT08Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

With the XDT08Z , Makita offers a brushless 18 V motor that delivers an incredible 1420 lbs of torque to drive screws even through tough materials.

The BL Brushless motor eliminates the need for carbon brushes so the motor does not heat up easily and has longevity. Versatility of this impact driver is enhanced by its variable speed transmission, allowing you to alter between 0-2900 and 0-3500 IPM.

It is powered by one 18-V li-ion battery that charges quickly and retains power for long. The electronically-controlled motor is designed to use the battery efficiently to get the most out of it. The impact driver has a ¼ inch hex chuck that allows quick bit changes. It features an electric brake that cuts power quickly as and when required, to ensure accuracy in work. It also has a belt-clip to aid in portability of the device.

This is compact machine that measures 5-7/8 inches in length and weighs a mere 3.4 pounds. This greatly reduces fatigue and makes it a perfect fit for time-intensive projects. The tool comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Things We Liked

  • Built-in LED light to increase visibility in work area.
  • The rubber-coated grip is easy to handle and soft on the skin to maximize user comfort.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not include battery or charger.
  • LED does not stay on after releasing trigger.

3. DeWalt Bare-Tool DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver

DeWalt offers a compact, durable and high performing cordless impact drill with the DC825B. It runs on an 18V motor that delivers up to 1330 lbs of torque and has a variable speed of 0-2400/0-2700 RPM. This means that it packs enough power to deal with all medium hardness materials and hardwood, to some extent.

The variable speed feature definitely adds to the versatility of the tool, allowing you to the speed setting according to your requirement.

The impact mechanism is heavy-duty and directs the torque to the fastener without any kickback. It has a standard ¼” hex drive and works on an 18V Li-ion battery that helps boost performance.

The tool has been designed ergonomically to reduce fatigue and maintain comfort in long-duration procedures. The grips are rubber-coated to go easy on the skin and help prevent sweat from causing slippage. It weighs merely 2.2 pounds and measures a wieldy 5-3/4 inches in length. You can use this tool anywhere in the house for nearly all kinds of fastening jobs and it will come through every time.

It comes with a DeWalt standard warranty of 3 years, with 1-year free service and 90-days money back guarantee.

Things We Liked

  • Brushes on this model are replaceable, which can be changed easily whenever they wear out to maintain the driver in optimum condition.
  • Very light machine; high performance model (18V) without compromise on compactness

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bare tool; no batteries included.
  • Built-in LED light is not too bright.

4. Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Imp

Milwaukee is a name construction enthusiasts swear by and for good reason. It promises high quality and performance along with a range of features. It delivers the same with the 2656-20 M18 model of impact driver.

It runs on a trademarked 4-pole frameless motor that promises longer life and higher output. To be specific, it is an 18V motor that delivers1500 lbs of torque 0-2750 RPM and 0-3500 IPM to deal satisfactorily with all fastening jobs you employ it at.

The trademark Redlink Intelligence system helps optimize the tool’s performance by establishing communication between the tool, battery and charger. This helps the machine adapt to the job at hand and prevent overload. All this power has been packed into a compact and ergonomic design.

The impact driver runs on Li-ion batteries and weighs only 3.3 pounds and measures 5 ½ inches in length. The grip is rubberized to provide comfortable and secure handling.

As an added benefit, Milwaukee offers a 5 year warranty period backed by its reputation. It certainly is a worthy contender in its class.

Things We Liked

  • Convenient belt clip helps with easy access.
  • Fuel gauge on battery to indicate charge left; helps you plan your work efficiently.
  • Features a bright built-in LED light to enhance visibility in dark areas.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Variable speed is not an option.

5. Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact Driver Lithium-ion

For its size, the P234g impact driver from Ryobi packs incredible power. It delivers 1500 lbs of torque from an 18V motor, which is ample power to drive long screws and lag bolts through hard materials smoothly.

The speed can be varied depending on your requirement that adds versatility to the machine. There are reverse and brake controls to give you more control over your work. The impact driver runs on efficient Li-ion batteries that deliver optimum performance for longer and charge faster. The chuck can be loaded with one hand, quickly and easily.

The ergonomics of the tool have been optimized by the Grip Zone overmold that allows you to get a secure grip and work efficiently. The unique MagTray magnetic holder allows for storing bits and screws conveniently. The tool has a cast aluminum gear housing to enhance durability.

As said earlier, it is an extremely compact device at 2.8 pounds for the power that it offers. Ryobi offers a 3-year limited warranty period with this product.

Things We Liked

  • Can efficiently handle heavy-duty work.
  • Tri-beam built-in LED light enhances visibility.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bare tool; no batteries included.


Choosing among equals is a tough task. However, it is essential to know your best bet when buying power tools as they are an investment and stand by you for long.

The best cordless impact driver is a tool that are an essential addition to your tool kit and any of the 5 enlisted would be a great choice. Though there are two that definitely stand out and will be a foolproof bid for your money: Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 1/4" Hex Imp and Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact Driver Lithium-ion.

To decide the winner, both tools were pitted on the following grounds, essential for a good impact driver:


Maximum torque with a high-performance torque is the defining feature of a good impact driver. Both devices deliver an incredible1500 lb of torque with an 18V motor. This tie proves the worthiness of both machines in their class.


Milwaukee boasts of a number of trademarked features. The $-pole frameless motor promises longevity and high performance, while the Redlink Intelligence system enhance performance by optimizing output. On the down side, however, Milwaukee lacks variable speed transmission, which is an essential feature. Ryobi does offer variable speed along with reverse and brake controls to give you more control and accuracy. Understanding that the features offered by Ryobi are more performance-enhancing, this round goes to Ryobi.


Weight is an essential consideration with power tools to prevent early fatigue and ensure comfort. Ryobi certainly beats Milwaukee to it by weighing only 2.8 pounds against Milwaukee’s 3.3 pounds. Both weights are minus the batteries.


Ryobi is significantly cheaper than Milwaukee and delivers the same amount of power. It is an obvious choice in this round.


Milwaukee offers 5 years of warranty against Ryobi’s 3 years and clinches this round.

Winning 3 out of 5 categories indispensable for a good impact driver to feature, Ryobi P234g 18 Volt Impact Driver will certainly justify your investment in it.

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