Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Hybrid table saws can be quite the kernel of many workshops, also known as ‘mid-sized saws’. All the cabinetry commodities will be under your control if you have a one. These potentially lie somewhere between open framed contractor saws and large cabinet saws.

Hybrids’ performance lies between them as well. They are more powerful than contractor saw but less than cabinet. The best hybrid table saws are equipped with trunnions (usually of contractor style) and arbor bearings, an advanced drive belt system, and way too better gearing. Along with all these features, it is quite obvious for it to be heavier than the bench top table saws.

Why Go In For a Hybrid Saw?

For all those who’ve worked using contractor saw and has not found it powerful enough to fulfill the desired requirements and doesn’t even wish to spend a lot of money on cabinet saw, the hybrid saw is a catch for them. These are far more effective than contractor saw because of the enclosed cabinets, more durable and reliable motors (mounted within the base) and a better dust collection system having a cabinet for better saw dust control.

How To Choose the Right One?

Here is a look at some of the things that would help you decide which is the best hybrid saw for you.


Whether you need a hybrid saw or not can be decided if the job you need to do is not fulfilled by the contractor saw. Hybrid saw is an improved version which is capable of doing the work with a better efficiency but not as effectively as a cabinet saw does.


A hybrid table saw has to be of good amount of horsepower at least more than that of a contractor saw in order to do the desired project. Always go for that hybrid table saw which is capable of delivering sufficient power and has a high average power rating.


Almost all the kind of table saws, hybrid including consist of a dust collection system. But not all the hybrid table saws come with an enclosed cabinet for better functioning of the dust collector. So, keep in mind to choose that hybrid saw in which the cabinet is enclosed.


Hybrid saw, being a very powerful tool vibrates a lot while working. The Poly V Serpentine belt reduces it to a great extent. This pulley system offers a quiet operation and the vibrations are bearable. So, make sure the drive belt is a serpentine belt.


While choosing an hybrid saw, you need to think twice about the blade & its size. It is not always desired to go for larger blade. Some prefer it to keep it 10 inch as it offers a better sense of control. Though it entirely depends on the kind of work as well as the handling.


Keeping safety as one of the most important concern, it is a must to buy that hybrid saw which is equipped with sensors. The saw automatically stops as soon as it senses some human skin or flesh.


The overall price of the saw is another factor which is considered before buying. While the cheapest hybrid saw available costs at around $1000, most good ones touch $2500.

Advantages Of Using A Hybrid Table Saw

Here are a few benefits of using a hybrid table saw :

  • Powerful:Does everything a contractor saw can and is equally efficient of doing what a Cabinet saw is capable of.
  • Stability:Improved stability and accuracy due to the fixed saw.
  • Alignments and assemble:An adjustment to measurements as well as alignment and assemble is easier to make.
  • Dust Collector:The hybrid table saw comes with an in-built dust collector.
  • Fence:The hybrid saw come with a better version of fence system and not the ‘standard’ one as provided in a contractor saw.
  • Enclosed Base:The hybrid saw come with the base enclosed style. In it the base is enclosed and the motor is mounted inside it.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Table Saw

While hybrid saws are your answer more often than not, here are some of the things that you do need to take care of :

  • Motor:Even though the motor is capable of doing heavy duty works but when you cross a standard limit (which you need to set yourself) and begin to work on something really hard the motor tends to blow off quickly.
  • Weight:The hybrid table saw are quite heavy. Being in the middle, they are obviously less heavy than the cabinet saw but way more heavy than the contractor saw, for obvious reasons.
  • Portability:Because of being heavy weight the portability factor is something to think upon. The portability of a hybrid saw is not as easy as one can expect it to be.

Top 5 Hybrid Table Saw Reviews:

1. SHOP Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

The Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw comes with a motor of 2 Horsepower with maximum rip capacity of exclusive 30 inches. The fence system available in this product is quite an easy glide one. The drive belt is a poly-V serpentine belt drive which offers much lesser vibrations.

It is equipped with 10 inch 40 tooth blade, a 4 inch dust port, regular as well as dado blade table inserts, miter gauge & cast iron trunnions. The riving knife it holds is interchangeable which protects from non-through cutting operations.

Things We Liked

  • Durable: The Fox W1824 is made up of cast iron which makes the product way more durable and reliably to work upon.
  • Performance: As it is made up of cast iron, the product becomes capable of even working on the hardest of the woods without blowing off.
  • Extension Cable: The benefit of the extension cable is that it helps in letting you extend the length of the table which in turn increases the control over the jobsite while working on large projects.
  • Driver Belt: The driver belt is a poly-V serpentine which reduces the vibrations big time.
  • Miter Gauge: The Fox has a T Slot Miter Gauge which is very reliable and of high quality.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Blade Alignment: In order to do the blade alignment, the trunnions had to be loosened which was difficult as the whole assemble used to move.
  • Blade Assembly: There exist 4 hex head trunnion bolts which fail to hold the blade assembly in place.

2. Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

The Grizzly G0715P is one of the most famous as well as value for money hybrid table saw available in the market. It is a 2 horsepower 10 inch saw. It has a maximum rip capacity of 30 inch. In terms of safety, it possesses a device on the blade guard which enables and disable the anti kickback pawls.

It comes equipped with a Poly-V Serpentine Drive Belt offering reduced level of vibrations, regular & dado blade inserts, knurled knob for fence adjusting, T-Slot Miter Gauge & Cast Iron Trunnions.

Things We Liked

  • Installation: The installation and setting up of the machine is very easy.
  • Camlock T-shaped fence: The fence in this system is a Camlock T-shaped fence which is super easy to slide and of high precision.
  • Less noisy: This hybrid is comparatively much lesser noisy than others.
  • Driver Belt: Vibrations are less because of the fact that the driver belt is made up Poly-V Serpentine.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Miter Gauge: The miter gauge used very cheap and of very less accuracy.
  • Blade Adjustment: Blade adjustment is not very easy plus it is not constant. The blade doesn’t continue to stay parallel with the miter slot.
  • No breaking system: This product does not have a breaking system as a result when you turn off the motor, it takes a little time to shut down completely.

3.Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

The Shop Fox W1819 is a 10 inch Hybrid Table saw of 3 horsepower. It has a maximum rip capacity of 29 ½ inches along with substantial cast iron trunnions and a 4 inch dust port.

It comes equipped with a miter gauge with an adjustable T slot, Camlock fence with HDPE fence, easy glide T-fence system along with knurled knobs for adjustment and a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Things We Liked

  • Dust transport: This product of fox has an efficient dust transport system because of the sloped inner cabinet floor.
  • Assembling: It is very easy to set up and assemble this product.
  • Fence: The fence system is very smooth to glide and less time consuming.
  • Riving Knife: The riving knife is one of the best part about this product.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Blade adjustment: It is quite difficult to adjust the blade and is a one big drawback.
  • Switch Position: The position of the switch is such that while working you may accidently switch the machine off with your leg which has to be taken care of.
  • Dust port: It will become necessary for you to connect a vacuum to the dust port, else, the underside of the table will get covered with saw dust.

4. Woodtek 159665, Machinery, Table Saws, 10" Lt 2hp Hybrid Table Saw, 52" Fence

The woodtek 159665 is a 10 inch hybrid table saw. It has a 2 horsepower motor with a maximum rip capacity of30 inch rip capcity.

It comes equipped with T-square fence system, fully enclosed cabinet for efficient dust control system, riving knife splitter along with see-through blade guard and a duplex dust port.

Things We Liked

  • Fence: The fence is of Biesemeyer style which is quite efficient in terms of working.
  • Stability: This machine is very stable to work upon resulting in an increase in the performance as well as safety feature.
  • Dust Control: The cabinet is fully enclosed which helps in a better dust controlling system.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Miter Gauge: The miter gauge is cheap and not at all good for determining readings.
  • Extensions: The extension legs are a little weak and tend to wobble now and then.

5.Jet ProshopTablesaw with Wings and Riving Knife 708494K JPS-10TS, Cast Iron

The Jet Proshop is a 10 inch Hybrid tablesaw with a 1.75 Horsepower. It comes with an option of stamped steel or cast iron wings.

It comes equipped with Riving knife which is quick release and so reduces the chances of kickback, quick release blade guard, T miter gauge and an enclosed cabinet with leg stand design for better assemble.

Things We Liked

  • Safety: The riving knife as well as blade guard, both are quick release, adding on to its safety feature.
  • Dust Port System: The cabinet is entirely enclosed providing a better dust port system.
  • Better assembly: The cabinet comes equipped with exclusive leg stand which offers a better and easy assembly.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Uneven Cuts: Because of slight improper alignment the cuts don’t turn out be perfectly accurate or even.
  • Switch: When the power goes off for a moment the saw doesn’t start again automatically until the switch is pushed again.

Best Out Of The Top Five:

Shop Fox W1824 is the clear winner based on the best hybrid table saw reviews mentioned above. It is the ultimate package for both power and performance. The features like rip capacity, performance, power and extension cable sets its apart from the rest.

Along with its affordable price, this saw is powerful enough for any professional but also comes with all the safety features. It is not just one of the cheapest among its competitors but possess better features, too making it absolutely ideal and value for money.

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