Best Benchtop Table Saw Reviews

Be it a mere construction or small home development job or any structure related work, fetching for a trained hand who does the work accurately as per the needs can be really difficult. The benchtop table saws will serve for the purpose. These tools bag the first position as well as a central spot in a private as well as a professional workshop. I wrote this guide to help you decide which is the best benchtop table saw for you.

One of the finest multipurpose tools, practically handy, portable & tough resulting in excellent performance are meant for both DIY’ers and professionals. Well, the benchtop table saws has got the drill even with the hardest of the metals.

How To Choose The Right One?

Which table saw to buy entirely depends on the extent & how it needs to be used. It surely does serve purpose for both DIY’ers and professionals on some level. But when the professionals cross that level, it can be hard for any random table saw to work with the same efficiency.

Also, table saws may seem simple in their construction but in reality they are complex because there are so many factors and different features to consider. There are a lot many factors to concentrate upon before buying one.

Points to keep in mind before buying one :

1. JOB:

The kind of the table saw you need majorly depends on the kind of job you want to perform on it. If the usage is going to be excessive and over the hard materials then you must keep the price aside and go for the one in a higher price range with a high performance and power rate.


A benchtop table saw won’t be of much use if it does not have enough horsepower to cut the material. Depending upon type of material you need to work upon & to the level the usage needs to be done; one must buy a table saw accordingly. For harder material- A benchtop with higher power rating & vice-versa.


The benchtop tables either have a plastic body or a metal body. If you’re planning to carry it with you quite often you must go for the plastic one as it is quite handy and can be ported easily. On the other hand, metal body saws are very heavy for one to carry but are more reliable.


A table saw can have 2 kind of knives – Riving & Splitter which are both to save the user from kickback as the back of the blade might catch pieces of material & throw them at the user. But out of these two go for riving knife and not splitter as it is safer.


While operating over the saw there is a great possibility that you might get hurt. Kick switch is a tool that prevents any mishap. So, only go for those saws which are equipped with kick switch.


If you want to keep your workshop or homeshop clean or wherever you are using it, make sure the saw you buy has a good dust collection system. The saw dust is not removed completely but it still cleans up to a pretty good extent.


If you’re not a pro at using a benchtop table saw or if you’re a new DIY’er then make sure the saw you buy has a flesh sensor, too. The flesh sensor, as the name suggests, senses the flesh, let’s say finger and would stop working right there and prevent you from an accident. It can cost a li’l more than a simple saw but it is a must for a newbie in order to remain safe and secure.


In the table saws there exist a drive belt from motor to the blade which is the root cause for vibration. If you think you won’t be able to bear those vibrations, go for that saw which has a Poly V belt. It produces comparatively much lesser vibrations and provides smoother working.

Advantages Of A Benchtop Table Saw

Bench tops can help you in working on any project, structure, and material, especially wood.

Be it the smallest of the job like ripping a plank or constructing your own cabinet, it can do everything. It has sort of become a life hack for those professionals, carpenters, and workmen.

It has helped in increasing the figure of DIY’ers and has taken it to another level. Those owning a table saw do not look for carpenters or any worker; rather they do it by themselves.

It lets you make straight cuts through woods and some other materials, lets you cut it as various angles, make slots for fitting the wood pieces or planks together to form some useful structure and a great utility tool for cabinets and every kind of furniture having a flat surface.

Top 5 Benchtop Table Saw Reviews:


A 10 inch job site table saw kit is quite a life hack for most of the DIY’ers and even for the professionals. Equipped with a powerful 15AMP motor, Dewalt table saw has a 20 inch rip capacity.

It comes with a 10 inch blade already attached, removable riving knife blade guards, a miter gauge and a push stick.

It has a body of high quality plastic, which is quite reliable and makes it very easy to carry. The fence position can be changed very easily because of the rack & pinion system without losing the fence alignment, which is one of the finest features out of all

Things We Liked

  • FENCE - The feature that distinguishes this product from the rest is the easy setting of the fence without losing its alignment.
  • EASY CUTTING - The cutting capacity makes its performance exceptionally good. The cuts are sharp as well as accurate.
  • HANDY - The plastic body makes it quite easy to be handled and transported.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR - The 15amp motor is powerful enough to easily and swiftly do the cuttings.

Things We Didn't Like

  • MITER GAUGE - It’s difficult to read from the miter gauge which begins to wobble in a few uses.
  • NO DADO CUTS - It doesn’t support dado blade for dado cuts as the arbor is too short for it.
  • SMALL WORK SURFACE - It doesn’t give much space to work on a big piece.


DEWALT DWE7480XA is a 10 inch Compact Table Saw with a 24-1/2 inch of rip capacity. The fence adjustments are fast and accurate because of the rack and pinion telescoping fence rails feature. It features a 15 AMP high-torque motor and comes along with a rolling stand.

It is equipped with a 24-Tooth blade, which is adjustable. This system uses 10 inch blades with a 5/8" arbor size. The cage base is of metal rather than plastic which provide better durability. Moreover, it has a dust collection port too that can be easily connected with vacuum for efficient dust extraction. Miter gauge, Push stick and Blade guard are also assembled within.

Things We Liked

  • DADO BLADE- This product accepts a dado blade and lets you for the dado cuts.
  • POWERFUL - The 15AMP high torque motor is very powerful which helps in cutting material properly.
  • FENCE - Very easy and quick adjustment to the fence because of the rack and pinion system.
  • ROLLING STAND - The setting up of the table saw becomes effortless because of the rolling stand.

Things We Didn't Like

  • MITER GAUGE - The miter gauge is of cheap quality due to which the readings are full of errors and is difficult to read, too.
  • SPEED - When working on larger materials or structure, the speed slows down a bit.
  • NO DADO PLATE - It does serve the purpose of dado cuts but no dado plate has been given for the blade to be stowed.


The Skil 3410-02 is a 10 inch jobsite table saw with a 24.25 inch (right) and 12 inch (left) rip capacity. It possesses a motor of 15 AMP for power generation. It is cheaper than most of the benchtop table saws.

It is good for DIY’ers and for those looking to work on large surface area. It comes with Carbide tooth blade, Self aligning rip fence, Blade Wrenches, Steel folding stand, rip fence and a miter gauge.

Things We Liked

  • LOW-PRICED -The Skil 3410-02 is the cheapest of all the good benchtop table saws. The product in this price is total value for money.
  • ULTRA PORTABLE - It is very light weight and can be ported and transported anywhere easily.
  • DADO STACK - A dado stack can work well with this saw.

Things We Didn't Like

  • MITER GAUGE- The miter gauge is sloppy as well as wobbles a little.
  • BLADES - Not only does the miter gauge but the blades may wobble, too which can be big hindrance while working.
  • MEDIOCRE PERFORMANCE - The performance offered by this product is quite poor. The 15 AMP motor is expected to work better but it doesn’t in this case.


The Bosch GTS 1031 is a 10 inch portable worksite table saw with a sturdy 15 AMP motor. It has a ripping capacity of 18 inch and a 15 AMP motor for power.

It includes a tooth carbide saw blade, a rip fence, miter gauge, guard system, blade change wrenches and a push stick. Riving knife anti kickback pawls for safety are also present.

Things We Liked

  • RAZOR SHARP BLADE - The blade provided is way too sharp and excellent in cutting. The hardest of the materials can be cut like anything.
  • DUST COLLECTOR - The dust collection system I quite good and efficient.
  • STEEL DESIGN - This Bosch product is not completely made up of plastic but a major part is carved out of steel which makes it very durable.

Things We Didn't Like

  • MITER GAUGE - Miter gauge is of low quality and is sloppy. Not only it is difficult to understand the readings, it is also inaccurate.
  • PUSH STICK DESIGN - :The push stick is dodgy as they are very narrow and long.
  • NO FINISHING - The saw is incredible when it comes to vigorous cutting but where it lacks is – finishing. The cuts are very rough and not desired when you want finishing.
  • A LITTLE HEAVY- This product is a little heavier making portability slight difficult.


Bosch 4000-09 is a 10 inch table jobsite saw with an exclusive 25 inch rip capacity with a wax coating on the surface of the glass which makes it very smooth to work on. And has a 15 AMP motor which generates enough power.

Not just the surface of the glass is smooth, the fence is, too! It locks and slides very easily in no time and along with that it is equipped with blade wrench, hex key, miter gauge and a gravity rise wheeled stand out of which miter gauge is of good quality which is quite rare.

Things We Liked

  • MITER GAUGE - Usually miter gauge is one the most unreliable part of a saw but it isn’t the same in this case. It is very good quality and readings can be clearly read without any hassle and has little slop.
  • GRAVITY RISE STAND - The gravity rise stand that comes along with this product is very hard and sturdy. The folding and unfolding is very easy.
  • EXTRA SLOTS -The Bosch knows how important are the empty slots so that user can place various items in it. It has provided various empty slots to place the miter gauge when not in use, rip fence & extra blades.
  • LARGER SURFACE AREA - This product has got a real large surface area to work upon. Job on large materials can be easily done.
  • POWER - The 15 AMP power motor is sufficient enough to cut a lot many hard materials.
  • DADO CUTS - It also has a feature of dado. It lets you use dado blades for dado cuts, too!

Things We Didn't Like

  • UNEVEN DADO - The arbor portion for dado cuts is a little small, which results in uneven dado.
  • BLOWN MOTOR - The motor in Bosch might be powerful enough but there is a possibility that it might blow off real soon.
  • BEVEL SETTING - No wheels have been provided to set the wheel. So, every time Bevel setting has to be done, it has to be done manually by swinging the motor.

Which Is The Best Out Of The Five?

The DEWALT DW745 is the clear winner out of all best benchtop table saw reviews. It is neither very costly nor very cheap. The price is ideal and the performance it provides for that much money is more than anyone can expect. It provides excellent ripping capacity of 20 inch. The rack and pinion system is one of the finest features of this product which sets it apart from others.The miter gauge is one the most common problem of most of the products and belongs to this, too. The fact that it is not capable of dado cuts can be disappointing to many. All in all, comparing it with the price and the features it offers, it is one great benchtop table saw.

If these benchtop table saws aren't exactly what you're looking for, don't forget to check out the list we compiled on the best overall table saws.