Best Glitter Additives And Glitter Paint For Interior Walls

Glitter paint for interior walls represents one of the easiest ways to add a bit of sparkle to your room. But with a host of products available on the market, how to choose the right one?

Glitter paint refers to a ready-to-use formulation that can be applied on walls directly from a tin. Glitter additives, on the other hand, represent a more budget-friendly solution – and they are easy to use. To help you with your choice, we’ve rated the best glitter paints and additives for interior walls on the market.

Learn how to choose them or, if you’re in a hurry, click on the links in the table below to check their characteristics and specs.

Glitter Paint For Interior Walls Vs. Glitter Additives: How To Choose

Both glitter paint and glitter additives serve the same purpose. These products are designed to add some sparkle to the walls, creating a shiny coat that resembles a starry sky. The difference between the products is that glitter paint for interior walls comes as a ready-to-use emulsion similar to any other wall paint, whereas glitter additives come as dry glitter particles or powders to blend into the traditional paint.

More often than not, glitter paint comes as a transparent emulsion enriched with glitter to apply on pre-painted walls. However, some brands also propose colored glitter paints that don’t need a colored undercoat to shine.

However,  colors are usually limited and you’ll have to settle for what’s on the market.

Glitter additives are much more versatile. Coming as powders, they can be mixed and blended into most types of wall paints, including matt emulsions or sheen varnishes. Most glitter additives are also compatible with water-based wood varnishes.

This solution appeals most homeowners because it gives the possibility to mix any color of glitter with any color of paint to create customized combinations. An alternative is to apply transparent glitter glaze to a previously painted wall. But this adds up to the costs of the project, as you’ll have to invest in both wall paint and glaze.

Both products deliver great results when used as instructed and choosing one over the other is often a matter of preference or budget.

Where To Use Glitter Paint

Glitter paint for interior walls looks awesome, but not on all walls. You could fall in love with the sparkly effect only to find out that this finish doesn’t look exactly flattering in the kitchen. Unless you’re aiming for a “Barbie’s house” effect, limit the use of glitter paint to just one feature wall in the living room.

Another environment where a glitter wall gives its best is the kid’s room. Glitter paint is particularly suitable to use in the bedroom of a young girl; silver glitter paint can also complement the ceiling in a master or kid’s bedroom.

And while you can use glitter paint in any room and in any quantity you like, we wouldn’t recommend using it in other environments than those mentioned above.

Despite the actual trend, you can get tired of the sparkles quickly and repainting the walls requires time and money.

Glitter Paint Popular Color Palettes

There is a common misconception that glitter paint comes as a transparent or silver glaze. That’s far from the truth. While the colors of the ready-to-use emulsions are indeed limited, you can mix glitter additives with any color of wall paint you like.

Choosing the right shade depends on the environment. Gold, silver, and holographic glitter look amazing on a feature wall in the living room. The same shades are indicated to use in a hallway if you want to add a bit of twist to your space.

Silver and gold glitter can also enhance the interior design of a master’s bedroom, but navy or intense blue glitter also looks amazing in this environment.

The kid’s room is the most versatile place where to play with glitter paint. Use it to add sparkles to the ceiling or walls. In a girl’s room, hot pink, yellow, and green are three attractive hues to consider. Navy, blue, and even grey can complement a boy’s room.

If you plan to use glitter in any other environment, we recommend applying transparent glitter glaze over neutrally-colored walls. Cream, off-white, and beige are enhanced by soft sparkles. Use glitter glaze or additives with small particles for this purpose, or the finish can be overwhelming.

Best Glitter Paint For Interior Walls

1. Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint is one of the most popular glitter products on the market. Easy to apply and supplied as a colored water-based emulsion, this paint is supplied in 32oz tins and has a coverage of up to 50 square feet per quarter.

Delivering an unparalleled brushable glitter finish, the paint is formulated to add elegance to the surfaces. It is ideal to use in the living areas, but also in the bedroom or hallways. Rust-Oleum Glitter comes in three color choices that include silver, gold, and iridescent clear.

We like that the product can be applied with all painting tools, including paint sprayers. The formulation also allows using the paint on a variety of interior surfaces such as hardboard, drywall, wood, metal, and more.

An excellent adhesion that doesn’t flake or peel ensures long-lasting sparkles. In ideal conditions, the product touch dries in 1 hour and can be recoated after four hours, while the water-based formulation makes the product ideal to use in enclosed spaces.

Things We Liked
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    Easy application: this glitter paint boasts a water-based formula that is easy to apply with a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer.
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    Multi-dimensional shimmer: the formulation of the paint allows you to build up the desired glowing intensity by applying multiple coats.
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    Fast-drying: ideal to use for quick redecoration projects, the paint touch dries in only one hour, depending on environmental temperature.
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    Coverage power: a tin of paint is sufficient for up to 50 square feet, depending on surface porosity. Results are improved if the paint is applied over a primer.

2. V1RTUS Glitter Paint Crystal Additive

V1RTUS is a brand of glitter paint additives available in 24 colors and styles. The additive is suitable to mix with water-based emulsions, wood varnish, acrylic and latex interior and exterior paint, matt, soft sheen, and silk emulsions.

The versatility of this glitter is exceptional. You can use any base color you want and mix a bag of glitter with any quantity of paint you like to achieve a softer or stronger effect. A bag of glitter additive contains 3.5 solid ounces of glitter and for the best results, we recommend using this quantity for a tin of 32fl.oz. of paint.

Ideal to use in the children’s room but also in other environments, the additive comes in an assortment of bright, lively colors. A great solution for the kid’s room is the holographic silver paint, but all other colors look exceptional.

Drying time and coverage vary and are dependable on the base paint used for the project. For the best application, the manufacturer recommends applying with paint buffing pads. However, we’ve found that application with a paintbrush provides satisfactory results in most cases.

Things We Liked
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    Compatibility: this glitter additive is ideal to use with an array of base paints and wall emulsions, wood and metal varnishes, and more.
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    Child safe: the glitter has a non-toxic composition and is safe to use around children. This makes the product suitable to create sparkly walls in the nursery.
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    Waterproof: once dry, the glitter is waterproof. The colors won’t leak in your chosen paint and the product is washable, as long as the base paint is also washable.
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    Guaranteed: V1RTUS is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The product is manufactured in the UK.

3. Valspar Signature Colors Interior Silver Paint Crystals

Valspar Signature Colors proposes a universal glitter additive ideal to use with a wide range of interior and exterior paints. The product works best with granite finish paint but this is only an indication. According to users, the crystals mix just as well in matt and soft sheen paints.

On walls. The glitter crystals imitate the shimmer of real quartz and this makes the product ideal to use in all environments. The Interior Silver Paint Crystals come in a bag of 1oz which is sufficient for 1 gallon of paint.

However, the best results are achieved by mixing a smaller quantity of paint with the crystals in a tray, then apply by brush. The product can be used with paint of any color and even with clear glaze, in the case you want to achieve a truly sparkly effect.

Regarding coverage, the product’s package indicates an area of 400 square feet, but it will ultimately depend on the coverage power of the chosen paint product. The only true limitation is the color. These glitter crystals come only in silver.

Things We Liked
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    Finish: ideal to use with granite finish paints, this product dries to a real quartz shimmer that looks great on all walls.
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    Compatibility: this product is ideal to use with wall paints of all colors. The effect is very sparkly if mixed with clear glaze.
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    Texture: the glitter doesn’t change the texture of the paint and remains fully flat when mixed with smooth finish products. This makes it easy to paint over it.
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    Coverage: according to the manufacturer, the product is sufficient to cover an area up to 400 square feet.

4. Hemway Clear Glitter Paint Glaze

Hemway Clear Glitter Paint Glaze is a British product that enjoys a huge success all over the world. This glitter paint for interior walls covers up to 260 square feet per quarter, is non-toxic and child safe when dry.

The product is easy to use and it is formulated to be applied to previously painted walls. The clear glaze contains glitter particles that come in 35 different colors. This makes the product easy to mix and match with any wall color you like.

This Clear Glitter Glaze can be used over any paint color to create matching or contrasting effects. Regarding the application method, the best results are achieved with a sponge, roller, or paintbrush.

Like all Hemway products, the glaze is produced in the UK and is 100% guaranteed. The only real downside of this product is the price, and the paint is supplied in 32oz tins.

Things We Liked
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    Clear glaze: suitable to use on walls of all colors, this product contains colored or clear glitter particles mixed in clear glaze.
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    Choice: this glitter paint glaze comes in 35 different colors to use on matching and contrasting walls. The product is intended to be applied to pre-painted walls.
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    Compatibility: the product can be applied over a range of wall, ceiling, and wood paints, including acrylic emulsions, soft sheen or silk varnishes, and more.
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    Made in the UK: this paint is produced in the UK and complies with all safety regulations. The product is non-toxic for children and pets.

5. Hemway Glitter Paint Additive Crystals

Available in 33 colors and compatible with a wide range of wall paints and wood varnishes, Hemway Glitter Paint Additive Crystals are an alternative to the clear glaze described above. Coming at a more than affordable price, the crystals are supposed to mix in any color of paint for a soft or contrasting effect.

Like all Hemway products, these additive crystals are manufactured in the UK and comply with all safety regulations. The crystals are non-toxic and completely child safe. A pouch contains 3.5oz of glitter which is sufficient for a 32fl.oz paint tin.

Fade resistant and waterproof, the colors of the glitter won’t bleed in the paint but will provide beautiful sparkles on the walls. For the best results, we recommend mixing a small quantity of paint with a small quantity of glitter in a tray instead of mixing the whole pouch in a tin.

Once mixed with the paint, just follow the application method and drying time indicated on the paint’s package. The glitter doesn’t change the texture of the paint and the only thing we don’t like is the refund condition that implies to return the product if you’re not happy with the quality. This is hard to do for a product intended to be mixed in the paint before checking its performance.

Things We Liked
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    Color choice: Hemway glitter additive is available in 33 colors; mixing it with similar or contrasting shades to create unique effects is easy.
  • check
    Children-safe: the product is non-toxic and safe to use around children or pets. Ideal to use in the kid’s room or nursery.
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    Fade-resistant: highlighting the color of the paint, this glitter is fade resistant and guaranteed to sparkle on the walls for a long time.
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    Non-textured: the product blends with any paint formulation and doesn’t change the texture of the paint. It is easy to paint it over whenever you want to redecorate.

Conclusion & Final Pick

There are many glitter paints to consider for your walls, but our favorite is the Rust-Oleum formulation. Supplied in 32oz tins and covering up to 50 square feet per quarter, this glitter paint has a low coverage but delivers exceptional results.

Rust-Oleum glitter paint comes as a colored emulsion ready to apply with a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer. With a smooth finish, the sparkles are easy to cover with a fresh coat of matt or sheen paint whenever you want to redecorate.

The soft sparkles on walls have a stylish effect and the product is suitable to use in all environments. The choice of colors is suitable to use on feature walls, in the bedroom or in the kid’s room. In detail, the colors are gold, silver, and clear sparkly glitter suitable to use over previously painted walls.

And while this product may have some downsides, in our opinion is still an exceptional glitter paint for interior walls to use in all rooms and for all purposes.